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Today in the age of information, the over used traditional media like radio, outdoor, television and print is rapidly losing its place. With the increase of players in the market, advertisers relying on the traditional media are not getting optimum utility of their resources.

This is where the digital media came as the absolute game changer for the real estate fraternity. As the most efficient mode of advertising, and long adapted by our first world equivalents. India followed suit with metro cities like New Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai picking up digital media to reach to their targeted audience and to drive sales. Yet, there are still several 2 tier cities that are yet to understand the benefits of digital media.

This is where Realty Digi War Program comes in. When it comes to estate development, the market place is no less than a war. With the influx of newer competitors, the real estate fraternity is not getting enough amounts of leads and correct exposure.

Realty Digi War opens windows to infinite opportunities and boundless reach with lower than half the cost of traditional media.

If we compare print ad which in a city like Ahmedabad, the cost per lead is many folds higher than its digital alternative. Moreover, digital advertising offers unique opportunities to converse with the right target group at the right time on a real time basis.

The communication required for a middle class audience will not be the same as the communication required for an elite audience, looking for luxury housing. Digital allows you to customize your communication design to suite your purpose.

Digital platform also allows you to tweak your communication at any point of the time and allows you to gauge and fathom audience reaction and acceptance on a real time basis. Last but not the least, the problem of middle men can be eradicated completely, leading to direct communication between the builders and their targeted audience.

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Inventory Management

Manage all your real estate inventory from multiple location and tag their status as booked or un-booked according to your preference, thereby helping sales team to work seamlessly across multiple locations.

Cloud Telephony

We allow you to track all your campaigns and calls from anywhere. To ensure you never miss a call we have round robbing and are equipped with call recording feature enabling you to preserve all your sale conversations. Another stunning feature is the call flow control which allows you to customize and distribute call volumes in accordance to campaigns, projects or geographies. We have multilingual IVR to cater to your preferences.

Email & SMS Automation

Automated SMS and Email Marketing enables users a hassle free user connect. Bulk SMS and Email Marketing feature of ‘Approach’, allows you to connect with a wide range of audience at just a few clicks of a button. One of the features also includes running of campaigns on Auto – pilot enabling you to schedule campaigns and execute them at your convenience. You can customize the sending options; and ‘Approach’ also provides you with an in-depth analytics of click-rate and subscriber activity.

Bigdata Management

‘Approach’ provides you with specified customized search filters thereby refining your search data. We provide you with pie charts and a detailed explanation of the reports which can later become a part of presentation of internal analysis and team review.

Campaign Management

Approach helps you calculate the returns on investment of each and every media and campaign, or multiple campaigns . Eventually helping you find the cost per lead from each and every medium you have invested in. We assure you complete tracking of online and offline leads, providing you with insights into the lead’s profile. Approach allows you to auto tag leads by campaigns making it easier for your sales.

Sales Management

Approach ensures easy integration over your data managements through sales customization and pre-sales management. The website is designed in a unique hassle free format which ensures that you are always updated through insightful yet simple reports on your sales performances and data. Approach has partnered with Exotel, bringing about an integrated cloud call centre allowing effortless sales tracking and pre-sales management.

Lead Management

Approach focuses primarily on efficient Lead Conversion and profiling ensuring automated responders, templatized emails and accurate SMS integration allowing the developers to manage a fully scientific organized lead management and segregation. Approach also lets you auto tag leads by campaigns and add custom tags for efficient sales experience. With our advanced search engine we ensure that you never miss out on any leads, whether online or offline. And with our updated user-friendly app for Android devices, you can manage all your sales capabilities, and lead data on the go.

Mobile CRM

Our Mobile App for Androids enables you to track your sales from anywhere and everywhere. It is a fully featured app with real time push update notification feature.

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